Summit – Entrepreneurship and Travel

We will go to the Entrepreneurship in Berlin and discuss our ideas of tourism. Please see, that some links to German websites, just use the translator function of the browser. A summit is a meeting of engaged people to share ideas, listen to speeches and are open for movements.

We have a lot of ideas, take a look, interesting for tourism, advertisment and other entities.

Fact is we could have more creativity, more cooperation and meet us in a good way, to learn our life and our culture. It was for us a great pleasure to participate at the Call-to-Action program and we had the chance for the proof of concept of cacao tourism.

See the website of Komponentenportal and our offer at the summit 2017
Proof of Concept Schokoreisen

I still work on tourism and will meet many people and invite them to show their country. The only thing, it should be nearly in the same time zone. Now we want to be again finisher with Life Travel Summit. Everybody can participate free of charge (ok, you can donate us) and we work on our concept.

The summit of the Entrepreneurship Summit you find here:
Entrepreneurship Summit

My next steps are leave the house, talking, listening, share ideas, the best for further information is to take a look at our post about technics:
Post about Technics

When I will be ready with the project I could apply again to the Call-to-Action Program.