Swiss Online Marketing Exhibition

There was a exhibition for online marketing. My first time, I used my presscard as journalist. This will be my way to present the idea. In fact the project #travelsummit I see as a challenge in communication for media and journalism. It reflects also our behavior with internet, social media and messenger systems. On expert give me the advise to use all communications tools and try to get earned content.

This means, I need you, your comments and postings with hashtag #travelsummit. In future we need more relationships and so add also Couchsurfing and WAYN to my project to find contact with people.

When we will share videos, these should be personal. Show your place and why it would be great to travel here. Also we should work on possibilities to establish contacts and friendships.

More than one month is already passed, for me it’s like yesterday and will be happy for your comments.


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