Promotion – how works affiliate?

If we share a video for a travel destination, it would be great if we get money for it. The first step is always to have an audience and visits. Therefore Google or Youtube have to find your video and so you need search engine optimization (SEO) or search engine advertisement (SEA).

SEA costs always money and SEO in fact time and knowhow. If you have no views, no links, you make no money. The market for content is difficult and the competition high. So, if you work with affiliate companies, you will have in many cases no incomes just for videos.

So, the best way is to find something like sponsors and to make your video business, that your work will be paid. This means discussions and find people who see business in tourism. In the end you will be a service provider for your local community.

We work on lot of ideas, we would be happy to have sponsors, in the end we don’t get covered our costs, if we travel somewhere and publish about.

The Internet gives everybody a way to publish, in most cases not the income for his work. All the companies ask for statistic chiffres and don’t see really the quality and that it’s better to build up a project together.

We decided to make no affiliates, more to speakt with customers and connect business in a personal way.

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