Making your own business

If you publish in Internet and work as journalist or blogger you will find some day a possibility to get money. The only point is, you should start, you should have an idea, put in a concept, try, make errors and learn.

The point, if you control your business, you can decide about prices and services. Sometime you find the profitable idea, just if you do it.

A blogger of travel page, just try to get phones and problems by contact forms and look for the services, which help and get the commission.

We are doing a lot of websites and every year we start a commercial project, now it is Choco Tourism, where we want to work as travelguide. You can follow our case study (website is in German)

We don’t really can answer how you get a commercial success, just try something and let us known about your way.

Actual we have so many projects and no incomes. So we do all the work alone, which is hard. Some friends help us, only with volunteer work it’s not the same as to concentrate on projects. We bundle our acitivies in a association and a cooperative. You are free to join us.

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