ITB Berlin – our project idea

The ITB-Berlin is the buyer tourism exhibition for Europe.

Touroperators and Representatives of different regions from all over the world contact the customers during 3 days. In a hall I discuss with a safari company about tourism and how to find customers, then I meet two young men, showed them my ideas and decided to realise this idea.

Everybody find it great and the original plan, that the tourists from Germany have VR glasses and see the tourist attractions are improved. Now all are on the same level, everybody should travel and show the home place.

One discussion I made with the people in the US hall about the name: life or live? In fact I reserved 2 names, who will be a forward to the other?

I decided for life, why?

  • Live is more the technical view, that something is happening live
  • Live is close to living, this means sitting in the appartement
  • Live is also alive, which would be an argument for live
  • Life this is that people are, they have a life to make the best of it
  • Life and exciting travel is a kind of lifestyle
  • Life was the option I select, still live would be also ok.

Also I decided that this project is priority No. 1 for me in the next months. Thanks for supporting me. At my next visit at ITB, I recognised, that this are the wrong platforms. The exhibitors talk only with the people, which bring direct business.

I have to talk directly about my plans and maybe, yes, social media could be a good way to bring people in discussions.

The exhibitions are good to get impressions about tourism industry, some nice talks, the success comes with enthuastics in daily life.