WordCamp Europe

We had a good audience to discuss our project and WordCamp Europe in Belgrade #wceu. All WordPresser think it’s a good idea and we will do here a learning project to blog videos and to link it with our WordPress website.

There was a workshop of Florian from Vinubis who explained how to make videos. A video in Instagram is limited to 1 minute, so a one shot is also a good solution. Also short videos are in many ways a good way to attract visitors. If you make an interview, just take the answers.

The only thing for videos is a smartphone and practical for better voice a microphone. Take the flight modus and just collect material. The more material, the better are your videos. By the time you get professional.

The idea of WordPress is learn, connect, contribute and it was for me really a great conference. Perfect organised, good talks with participants, speakers and sponsors. Now we have a lot of ideas for future work.

In June 2019 we will look also in Berlin, what to do. To be realistic we don’t have the time to make all the work and hope to find people join us.

Swiss Online Marketing Exhibition

There was a exhibition for online marketing. My first time, I used my presscard as journalist. This will be my way to present the idea. In fact the project #travelsummit I see as a challenge in communication for media and journalism. It reflects also our behavior with internet, social media and messenger systems. On expert give me the advise to use all communications tools and try to get earned content.

This means, I need you, your comments and postings with hashtag #travelsummit. In future we need more relationships and so add also Couchsurfing and WAYN to my project to find contact with people.

When we will share videos, these should be personal. Show your place and why it would be great to travel here. Also we should work on possibilities to establish contacts and friendships.

More than one month is already passed, for me it’s like yesterday and will be happy for your comments.


Start Global St. Gallen – Students like the idea

I take part at the start summit in St. Gallen. There have been a lot of discussion. It’s an easy idea and why we need money for the project? There are many websites I have with great domain names, which I can offer.

It’s true, you should have a business model. We are in a business world. Why not? We need the money to pay or bills, this is the fact.

My engagement will be without money and I offer also to put content on my premium websites for regions and themes. So I have some .reisen pages for East European countries, like Slowakia, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary, content there will help everybody.

I will travel with my guitar.

St. Gallen is a business school and I hope to can motivate the people for the #travelsummit and have a lot of fun. Money is not all in life. In the moment tourism is not on focus. Allthough travelling is the biggest industry, there are deep margins.