Swiss Online Marketing Exhibition

There was a exhibition for online marketing. My first time, I used my presscard as journalist. This will be my way to present the idea. In fact the project #travelsummit I see as a challenge in communication for media and journalism. It reflects also our behavior with internet, social media and messenger systems. On expert give me the advise to use all communications tools and try to get earned content.

This means, I need you, your comments and postings with hashtag #travelsummit. In future we need more relationships and so add also Couchsurfing and WAYN to my project to find contact with people.

When we will share videos, these should be personal. Show your place and why it would be great to travel here. Also we should work on possibilities to establish contacts and friendships.

More than one month is already passed, for me it’s like yesterday and will be happy for your comments.


Travel to Slovakia

I travelled to Slovakia and presented my idea to travel industry and people. There is no really interest of the travel industry, the people in the street find it funny and the idea great.

The point is, how to handle communication, to bring people on platforms. On a peace of paper I described the idea and try to make it easy. Just the website, the people making videos and the date.

Slovakian people I could also show the website on which a work. It should give German speaking people an impression about Slovakia. You can visit the website and find some content and my impressions:

An easy way is to make business cards and distribute it more, I personal think, I continue with talks, paper and then the people get a business card.

If I continue to discuss and travel, working on concepts and improve it.

What do you think, to attract more interest of people working in travel industry?

Business Model – can we make money?

How to make money with the idea of the Life Travel Summit? Tourism is the number 1 business in the world, the people like to travel and always more people spend money on travelling.

It’s valued to know people and places to go. We link the people, we will have a lot of videos on the Life Travel Summit.

So there are some variants, which I discuss in separate posts:

Also I have some websites where you can send me your information or work as an editor:
Reisen.Haus – Projects (page in German)

We will use the benefits of following tools free of charge:

We open a group in Facebook for networking, the lifestreams we will do also play on all social media tools and messenger tools.

With the Google Local Guide Program we try to get in contact with locals in all over the world and want to put informations in Google maps.

To store our videos we will use Youtube.

We use the program of the WordPress community and try to find support of developpers and marketers. Personal we organise regular Meetups for WordPress in Baden

Till the Life Travel Summit please help us.

Afterwards you can commercialize the program. All my efforts are transparent and opensource. I have no financial goals, I want to learn.

Technics – how to realise our idea?

Everybody has a smartphone, nearly everybody use it for videos and some people make livestreams. On the market I know four internet companies who offered the tools free of charge.

Local Guides

To make it easy for the people we should integrate all the tools in our project. How to do it, should I provide for all my personal accounts for the projects?

Or just working with a Hashtag?

On #WCEU there was a workshop with Florian from Vinubis. He recommend just to make videos. The best one is the one shot. We ask him for a presentation in English and hope to stay in contact for this project.

Facebook is really strong for networking. Now there is a public Group, so long I have no people joint it, there will be no content
Facebook Public Group

Meanwhile there a progressive web apps for integrate videos and images directly in the website. I wrote a post about it
about progressive web apps

Let’s continue the discussions and working on concept.