Life Travel Summit – to change our mindset

The Life Travel Summit is an idea, which I got at ITB Berlin 2018, after some talkings about future of tourism. The people are the most important thing. Attractions you can look at photos, a good guide, who brings the feeling seems for me the best kind of travel.

So let us make videos on a fix date, may be in October 2019. Show travellers in the whole world what you like. We need some people who support the idea, we have to find at least 100 people.

We should learn each other more known. Nearly everybody has today a smartphone with video function and can make livestreams. How we come together? We all love our place, where we are living. We all like to have guests for some time. We all alive to communicate.

That’s the simple idea, to show at a travel summit our most lovely place. Best live or at least with a video, which we pulish on this websiete in some way. Just use the hashtag #lifetravel and help us if you can.

Please feel free to join us, we thank for every support and idea. Time is running, when I update the website, it’s already April 2019. I have to talk a lot of the idea.